Normal Butanol

Normal Butanol




1-Butanol, Butyl Alcohol, n-Butanol, Butylic Alcohol, 1-Hydroxybutane, n-Propylcarbinol

  • Description:

Normal Butanol is a colorless liquid with a strong alcoholic odor. It is miscible with the most of polar organic solvents. Also, it can be used in the production of other butyl compounds.


  • Solvent for Paints, Coatings, Inks and Adhesives
  • Production of Resins
  • Printing Industry
  • Home Cleaners
  • Plastic Processing
  • Industrial Cleaners
  • Processing Fluids
  • Metal Working Fluids
  • Lubricants
  • Ingredient for Chemical Reactions


Molecular Weightg/molASTM D6579-1184.184
Boiling Point at 760 mmHgASTM D5399-09117
Melting Point at 760 mmHgASTM D5399-09-88.6
Flash PointASTM D93-1829
Specific Gravity at 20 ℃ASTM D854-140.897
Viscosity at 25 ℃mPa.sASTM D445-182.54
Solubility at 25 ℃ in Waterg/LASTM D2042-1565
Vapor Pressure at 25 ℃mmHgASTM E1194-176.85
Density at 20 ℃gr/cm3ASTM D792-130.81
Evaporation Rate (n-Butyl Acetate=1.0)ASTM D3539-110.46
Normal Butanol